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A Flavor for Every Taste.

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A Flavor for Every Taste.


With the client's objective to sell products and increase brand awareness for Tiffany Ketchup & sauces, they approached us to provide them with suitable solutions. We curated a full campaign that helps achieve those objectives by employing storytelling, relatable and authentic content, and maintaining a premium quality.

We focused on creating brand relevance and loyalty with the customization to the Iraqi household and by placing Tiffany as a family member throughout the campaign, aiming to create an engaging and memorable experience and making Tiffany sauces stand out as the most dominant player.

The concept for the TVC revolved around linking the mind, heart, and tummy, highlighting the happiness of having a perfect meal with Tiffany's condiments, and showcasing "A Flavor for Every Taste".

Through the "From Our Family of Flavors to Yours" campaign, we celebrated Tiffany's extensive range of products, positioning the brand as an integral part of family life, deeply connected with shared culinary experiences establishing a direct emotional bond and suggesting a transfer of warmth, quality, and enjoyment from Tiffany's family to each consumer's own.

The TVC campaign utilized imagery and narratives centered around family moments to showcase how Tiffany enhances these times. Key elements included highlighting Tiffany’s diverse product range, adopting a family-centric approach, fostering emotional connections, and positioning the brand as a culinary companion.

The campaign approach involved launching a product-focused TVC for Ramadan, subtly introducing the "Where is Tiffany" theme to pique curiosity while highlighting the products.


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