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We’re the silent giants behind brands that stand out — not just for what they say, but for what they do. At Sagerlabs, it’s all about elevating your presence with creativity that cuts through the noise.

Founded in 2016 by Rawa Al-Sager, Sagerlabs began as a visionary endeavor to support friends and family who were becoming influential content creators. Our mission was clear from the start: to professionalize a burgeoning industry within the Middle East, fostering the growth of digital content creation.

As our reputation grew, so did the trust from global, regional, and local brands. This trust has not only expanded our influence but also deepened our capabilities. Today, Sagerlabs is not just a leader in influencer marketing; we are a comprehensive creative agency committed to guiding brands through their digital transformation and growth journey.

From our operations in Baghdad, Iraq, and Dubai, UAE, we proudly build bridges between brands, platforms, content creators, and audiences. We offer a complete suite of services that encompass brand development, strategic marketing planning, social media management, and film production. Our team is dedicated to creating tailored strategies, developing influencer brands, providing financial guidance, and ensuring fruitful partnerships with the right brands.

Join us at Sagerlabs, where your vision meets our expertise to create something truly spectacular. Together, we'll turn your brand’s potential into reality.

The Team

Rawa Al Sager

Managing Director

Sara Al Jazaery

Country Manager

Hayder Amjad Sabri

Finance Manager

Izaldeen Nawfal

Business Development Manager

Ibraheem Nawfal

Business Development Executive

Mohammed Al Jubori

Business Development Executive

Sarah Al Rikabi

Senior Communication Executive

Sarah Alkubaisi

Creative Visualizer

Yusur Falah

Creative Visualizer

Ansam Al Yaseen

Communication Manager

Avinesh Rao

Studio Director

Alharith Khalaf

Campaign Coordinator

Farsan Mahamood

Content Creator

Ikram Abbas

Communication Executive

Elin Sörholm

Business Development

Mohammed Atallah

HR Manager

Abdulrahman Haitham

Business Development

Ahmed Adel

Communication Executive

Yahya Adel

Campaign Coordinator

Julie Fandino


Anwer Al Abbasi


Ibraheem Salim


Kholoud Kamal

Graphic Designer



Define, Design & Disrupt.


Our Baghdad office

Our Baghdad office is a hub of professionalism and warmth, where love and positivity permeate the environment. With a focus on productivity and continuous growth, our team thrives in this cool and dynamic space, fostering excellence together.


Our Dubai office

Our Dubai office is filled with love and positivity, creating a professional yet warm environment. We’re a productive team, always striving for growth and excellence. It’s a cool and dynamic place where everyone thrives together.

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