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Project Name Nine

    Production, Videography, Photography, Influencer Marketing, Seeding

Signal (Unilever)

Signal (Unilever)

Project Name Nine


We successfully filmed four different videos: two funny sketches, one Instagram-friendly video, and one informative video featuring a dentist influencer emphasizing the importance of changing toothbrushes every three months. We seamlessly integrated our research findings into the videos to make a strong impact.

In addition, we distributed PR boxes to 60 micro-influencers, with an estimated combined audience reach of 10 million followers. Thirty of these influencers are dentists, and each received a custom-designed PR box tailored to engage them and encourage content creation. Five influencers shared reels and permanent posts based on the content.

The PR kits received overwhelmingly positive feedback and generated buzz on Iraqi social media. This led to several unpaid influencers creating reels and participating in the campaign on their Instagram pages. Others created stories unboxing the box and talking about the concept.

On top of that, we posted four contest-related posts—one on each of the main influencers' pages. The contest offered a Signal PR box as a prize, generating excitement and anticipation among the audience. This reflects the Iraqi audience's love for the brand and their loyalty.

Overall, we achieved 1.9 million views and increased Signal Levant's page followers by 8,000.


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