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Project Name Nineteen

    Videography, Influencer Marketing

Lux (Unilever)

Lux (Unilever)

Project Name Nineteen


Lux direction is to fight sexism that every woman faces throughout her daily life. We have collaborated with five main opinion leaders who have generated an impactful tongue to raise the awareness of being iconic models representing social cases where women need to fight against sexism.

The campaign took place as we have collected 4 different women who have achieved significant goals in their lives and being well known characters in the society, in creative testimonial videos talking about the challenges they’ve had in their lives before achieving their goals. Unveiling the secret behind that power, asking their audience to share what motivates them to push beyond their limits.

In addition to that, we have collected some key words stated by the audience from the comments on each video shared by these opinion leaders, and we worked with one of the most talented girls in Iraq to draw a graffiti painting on a giant wall (8*13 m square) showing an outstanding painting that embeds the people’s strength words within.

This mural became the talk of the town. Making sure that we cover more area, we have collaborated with the celebrities of Iraq to post the graffiti revealing video on their pages on SM.


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