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More Than a Routine

    TVC, Photoshoot, TVC Production

Bio-Oil (PIMO)

Bio-Oil (PIMO)

More Than a Routine


Through five selected influencers in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra, we have established an outstanding campaign to raise brand awareness on the benefits and usage of Bio-Oil products range.

Each influencer told her touching story with Acne, scars, or stretch marks, and how they are suffering from the marks these problems have created. And now they will be using Bio-Oil products #1 skin care product that is referred to by doctors throughout the world.

We had 3 high production reels, 2 medium production reels, and 12 production variant stories showing the functional usage of the product week by week and how the influencer started seeing the difference on her skin, and how Boi-Oil

The TVC campaign utilized imagery and narratives centered around family moments to showcase how Tiffany enhances these times. Key elements included highlighting Tiffany’s diverse product range, adopting a family-centric approach, fostering emotional connections, and positioning the brand as a culinary companion.

The campaign approach involved launching a product-focused TVC for Ramadan, subtly introducing the "Where is Tiffany" theme to pique curiosity while highlighting the products.


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