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Sager Studio

Our design partner. is a beacon of creativity in interior and design. Specializing in bringing brands to life both physically and visually, they excel in retail design, interior architecture, and immersive event experiences. Their unique approach to branding and design sets them apart in crafting memorable and engaging environments.

Rasha Sager is a Swedish interior architect with over twelve years of experience in prestigious international projects. Since graduating from The Danish Design School in Copenhagen. Rasha has been working with several Scandinavian architecture and design companies, such as DUX/DUXIANA, Ghawali, Piaget, Ole Jensen and Dorte Mandrup and many more. She also worked closely to the talented industrial designer Louise Campbell in her Copenhagen based studio, where she produced models and visual materials, renderings, hand and digital drawings. Rasha’s key phrases are ambition and dynamics, sophistication and style, and this indeed shows in Rasha’s work.

“Design should be a form of communication- a letter from brand to customer, and I always work towards finding the best answer specific to a project. My strength is working across genres and the experimental process is very important- I try to push my design forward, leave the comfort zone to reach new territory.”

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